Overheard at Starbucks – Apple is Awesome

Starbucks LogoJust about every weekend, I head to Starbucks at least once (sometimes twice) to do some work.  I love the kids and Wife, but if I actually need to get some stuff done it’s pretty difficult.  Anyhow… I was sitting in Starbucks the other day and while I normally just do my own thing with my headphones in on this day I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation going on at the table next to me.

“There are no viruses for a Mac. The people who created Mac are the people who create viruses for other PCs. You never have to buy another anti-virus program ever again.”

I’ll be honest.  This statement alone had me pretty intrigued.  I know a thing or two about computers and I can honestly say I was learning something new here.

I went back to my work while these guys continued their discussion.  Young Guy was mentoring Older Guy on the ways of the iPad, iPhone, etc.  They went on to talk about the speed and storage of the iPad.  For example… did you know that the 16 gig iPad holds over 800 PAGES of texts?  Simply amazing.  After that little nugget I pretty much stopped what I was doing and just listened.  I was treated to brilliance like this:

“You can get your mail everywhere… It’s all about settings.”

“Apple was the underdog. The artists created them. It’s much simpler to use a Mac. Using it is like, “1, 2″ where on a Windows PC you have to close stuff”.

“Retina display is awesome. If a normal computer has 100 pixels, retina has like 256. It’s like HD television. It’s important to me as an artist.”

“OK… so I need to download the iTunes and get a hold of you?”
“Yeah… you may need to download it twice. Don’t worry, Apple does that sometimes. Just sign in and it’ll be OK.”

I nearly butted in on this one… but I held my tongue and let is continue.  I didn’t think there was a possibility that this conversation was going to get any better.  Boy was I wrong.  At this point, I had several folks following along with the saga on my Facebook page.  I had several requests for a photo of the two participants.

Two Dudes At Starbucks
Not what you’d typically consider “hipsters”

“You already have you address book on your phone. Your gmail is in the air. You should be able to go to any computer, type in gmail and you’ll get everything.”

“I can sell my 4s for like $400 on eBay. Or I can give it to you… whatever.”

“In New York, you can’t even take your iPhone out. People will grab it right out of your hand. Apple is top of the line.”

“The beautiful thing about iPhone (or any phone in general) is if you turn off the phone service you will get no phone calls. Then you just go from hot spot to hot spot to get Internet service.”

See… and THAT’s why I go to Starbucks on the weekends.  Not only do I get stuff done, but I learn a bunch of really cool stuff about Apple products, Gmail and cell phone service in general.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be back next weekend!

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  1. In an incredibly ironic twist… I’m sitting in Starbucks again here this afternoon, and guess who I’m sitting next to??? Older guy. He’s still rocking his PC and Blackberry. Guess he figured out that younger guy was full of shit.

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