10 Day Influential Album Challenge

Mother Love Bone - Apple

I’m sure you’ve seen these things floating around Facebook. It’s a ‘challenge’ where you’re supposed to do something every day and then tag someone else to do to the same. Well, I got tagged recently. Here was the challenge: 10 Day Influential Album Challenge: I was challenged by [INSERT NAME] to post 10 albums that have influenced my musical taste – one record a day for 10 days. No explanation, no review, just the cover. … Continue reading

A Full Moon Comes To Cleveland

G & C On Top Of The Hay Hut

A few weeks back (before all this rain we’ve been getting due to Hurricane Sandy) we had our annual Indian Summer here in the Cleveland area.  The Wife to her infinite credit always has stuff planned for us to do, and this year was no different.  One afternoon we took in a Fall Fest at a park in Aurora which included a hay ride around the lake, bounce houses for the kids and a view … Continue reading

How I Saved $110 On My iPads


The Wife and I had our birthdays last week. We had an absolutely outstanding week and weekend celebrating with family and friends. Her computer is on its last leg so I went ahead and got her an iPad. Based on her computer usage, I’m guessing this will essentially replace her laptop. I also splurged and picked up one for myself. I could tell you it was a “business expense” cause I wanted to do testing … Continue reading

Lest Ye Think I Have Only One Hellion

C's First Apple

Reading back over this blog as I sometimes do I realized that I tend to talk a bit more about the Gman than I do about C.  I suppose that’s pretty normal seeing as G is 3 1/2 and C is almost 2.  That being said, I certainly don’t want you to think that C doesn’t get in on the action as well.  Last weekend he did a GREAT job of reminding us that he’s … Continue reading