6 Reasons to Hire Comedians for Work Events


Are you in charge of selecting the entertainment for this year’s event? Are you looking for a Master of Ceremonies to keep things moving smoothly or 10-90 minutes of top stand-up comedy entertainment? The right corporate comedian should be able to handle both. Here are six reasons why you should hire a comedian for work events.  1. Develop Stronger Rapport Between Workers Hearty group laughter is good for the soul and helps foster good working … Continue reading

A Message To My Concerned Colleagues

Hair Care Products

We all know them. Those emails that go out to an entire distribution list. 9 times out of 10 it’s not directed to you so you read the first sentence or two and then just delete it and move on. I got one the other day though that I read top to bottom and simply had to share. This was sent to all the employees that work on my floor by one of my friends … Continue reading

My 7 Degree FML Moment

A Cold Morning

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be early for work.  However it NEVER pays to be stupid (trust me… I know).  Before I get started I wanted to explain the FML reference in the title of the post for those that aren’t familiar with it.  It comes from an OUTSTANDING website FMyLife – http://www.fmylife.com/ If you’ve never seen it and are looking for a laugh I highly recommend checking it out. So on to my … Continue reading

Come On Folks… Make Some Coffee

Coffee Cup

Folks… when you work in an office environment and you drink coffee, have some decency and make a pot if you take last cup.  It won’t kill you.  This simple act of brewing a pot of coffee will certainly NOT kill you, and will make other coworkers (who are looking for coffee) want to kill you less. Well, that’s in case there’s no fancy Coffee Dorks machine there. Oh, and don’t think that just cause … Continue reading

The Final Wedding Weekend of the Summer

Beach Wedding

For us this has been a summer of weddings.  Denver, Chicago, Cleveland and now Charleston.  It’s weird how after a couple of summers with no weddings… BAM we get hit with 4 in one summer.  Certainly not complaining – we had a BLAST! (See: I Poked The Wedding Cake, Combos, Fireworks and Canoes – The Bachelor In Brookville and A Weekend With The Boys Part I and Part II for details). This weekend’s travel was … Continue reading

The Lunchtime Conundrum

The Check

We’ve all been there.  We go out to lunch with some co-workers, go to dinner with some buddies, go to a bar with the gang.  The check comes and everyone’s eyes glaze over.  First off, when you’re with your boss there’s that moment where everyone is wondering if the boss is going to pick up the check.  After that’s passed (and everyone realizes they’re paying their own way) someone will generally grab for the check … Continue reading