Come On Folks… Make Some Coffee

Coffee CupFolks… when you work in an office environment and you drink coffee, have some decency and make a pot if you take last cup.  It won’t kill you.  This simple act of brewing a pot of coffee will certainly NOT kill you, and will make other coworkers (who are looking for coffee) want to kill you less. Well, that’s in case there’s no fancy Coffee Dorks machine there.

Oh, and don’t think that just cause you don’t take the last 4 drops of you’re off the hook.  Dump the rest of that shit out and make a new pot.  Again, it won’t kill you.  For those of you out there who’ve never MADE a pot of coffee, here are some general instructions.  Please keep in mind that I’ve never been to YOUR particular office, so the details may vary slightly.  Don’t blame me.

  1. Pour out old coffee (if you’re one of those assholes thinking about leaving 4 drops in the pot).
  2. Empty old filter.  PLEASE don’t reuse coffee filters/grounds.  That’s just nasty.
  3. Replace filter.
  4. Add coffee.  Folks… coffee is brown.  If you use too much it’ll look and taste like black sludge.  If you use too little it looks like muddy water.  Figure this out immediately.
  5. Add water.  Coffee is made when water is poured over coffee grounds (see step 4).
  6. Wait.  I put this step in here for the imbecile that thinks he’s so fucking important that he can’t wait for the pot to finish brewing.  Instead, he decides to grab the pot mid-brew and pour himself a cup… while coffee goes all over the place.  Naturally, when he’s done with his pour, he replaces the pot and walks away.  No need to clean up after himself.

Sorry for the grumpiness.  I think I need another cup of coffee.

One thought on “Come On Folks… Make Some Coffee

  1. So I posted this yesterday morning. I typically drink 3 cups of coffee a day – 2 in the morning and one in the afternoon. I walked back to the break room yesterday afternoon and lo and behold there was NO coffee. Not only had the previous person not made a pot, but they’d also turned off the coffee maker. Argh. I could almost understand this behavior if it was like 4:30, but it was 2:00 ish. Come on people.

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