My 7 Degree FML Moment

A Cold MorningSometimes it just doesn’t pay to be early for work.  However it NEVER pays to be stupid (trust me… I know).  Before I get started I wanted to explain the FML reference in the title of the post for those that aren’t familiar with it.  It comes from an OUTSTANDING website FMyLife – If you’ve never seen it and are looking for a laugh I highly recommend checking it out.

So on to my story…

I decided to get a head start on my work week this morning so I arrived at work early.  It’s REALLY cold this morning (in the single digits) so I came in, dropped my keys and gloves on my desk and started a pot of coffee.  The steps to the office were snow and ice covered so I grabbed some salt and went outside to take care of the steps before my co-workers got in.  I closed the door behind me, sprinkled the steps with salt and went back in the office… almost.  The door was locked.  F… M… L.  Apparently when you unlock the door you ALSO have to turn the little knob manually… a piece of information that up until this morning I’d not known.

So now it’s 7:45, I’m standing outside with no gloves, no keys and no co-workers expected until at least 8:00.  Let me tell you folks – 7 degrees is fucking cold.  Naturally, my co-workers had issues of their own this AM (cars not starting, meetings scheduled out of the office, etc.) so I got to stand outside until about 8:20 when the nice woman in the office next to ours showed up and let me in.  It took me a while to thaw out but I’m happy to say that frostbite didn’t set in and I’ve still got 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Lesson learned… hold on to your keys when you go outside.  And from now on folks can deal with some ice/snow on the back steps.

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