How I Saved $110 On My iPads


The Wife and I had our birthdays last week. We had an absolutely outstanding week and weekend celebrating with family and friends. Her computer is on its last leg so I went ahead and got her an iPad. Based on her computer usage, I’m guessing this will essentially replace her laptop. I also splurged and picked up one for myself. I could tell you it was a “business expense” cause I wanted to do testing … Continue reading

Best Buy Cyber Monday Fail

Best Buy Logo

Monday was Cyber Monday and while I simply out and out refuse to do any shopping with the hordes on Black Friday I’m not necessarily opposed to letting my fingers do the shopping from the comfort of my couch. I’m in need of a new laptop so the Wife was kind enough to find a couple of online deals.  I’m not a gamer anymore so I’m essentially looking for a light, quick PC to do … Continue reading

Talk About Personalization

Pip's Personalized Credit Card

Many credit card companies these days will allow you to upload your own photo to make your card more personalized.  Back in the day, Pip took this option to put his mug on his Citi card.  Little did they know that the REST of the photo included one of his 406 buddies passed out on the couch behind him covered in newspaper.  That right there is funny.