Jackopierce – Everywhere All The Time

Jackopierce - Everywhere All The Time (2012)

I don’t buy much music these days, and the instances of me buying a full album are even fewer and further between.  However, when Jackopierce comes out with a new album I make an exception every time.  This album – Everywhere All The Time – was long delayed and highly anticipated and I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint.  In general this is a much more “poppy” album that I’m used from from the boys.  That said, … Continue reading

Jackopierce – Mile High – Live From Soiled Dove In Denver

Mile High - Live From Soiled Dove in Denver

A while back, I reviewed a live album by one of my favorite bands Jackopierce.  I don’t buy a ton of music these days (an album here, a song there) but when I find a band that I enjoy I pretty much get everything that’s available by them.  I absolutely LOVE live music, so when I saw that these guys were  putting out another live album I jumped at it. I bought this one directly … Continue reading

Talk About Some Great Lyrics

Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell

I’m not a big country music fan but I was driving a couple of years back on a business trip with nothing else to listen to.  I heard this song and when I got back to the hotel immediately purchased it from iTunes.  I had the iPod on shuffle this evening and ran across it again.  Nearly brought a tear to my eye… damn do I love my boys! Artist/Band: Rodney Atkins Lyrics for Song: … Continue reading

Jackopierce Live From Atlanta

Jackopierce - Live From Atlanta

For years, one of my favorite bands has been Jackopierce.  I started listening to them in high school and have been enjoying their music ever since.  For those of you that don’t know, Jackopierce is made up of Jack O’Neil and Cary Pierce.  The band was formed in 1988 while they both attended college in Dallas.  They recorded 6 albums including my favorite Live From The Americas before going their separate ways in 1998.  Pip … Continue reading