Ohio State / Michigan Week For A 6 Year Old

Ohio State Vs Michigan

This is Ohio State / Michigan week and even though I went to another Big Ten school (#Hoosier4Life) you simply cannot get away from it living in Cleveland.  This fact was hammered home once again this evening when G-Man ran up to me and started talking about the Ohio State / Michigan game.  Now I know that he’s familiar with the Buckeyes, but I’m pretty confidant that he’s got no idea who the Michigan Wolverines … Continue reading

Damn Was That Fun

Pip & Chewie Pose Down

Warning: This is going to be one sappy post. One of the really crappy things about growing up is that people have a tendency to move away from one another and friendships are tested.  It becomes hard work sometimes to maintain a friendship (though Facebook has made it easier to keep in touch).  I’m happy to say that Pip and I have never had that problem. A couple of weeks back I headed out for … Continue reading

Thoughts For Monday

IU Football

The goddamn jackhammer is back.  We’ve had a week of silence so this comes as a very unwelcome shock to the system.  All I can say is this better be the best restaurant in downtown Cleveland when they’re done. Mondays suck.  They suck even worse when Sunday night is bad. Mobile devices are now officially the bane of my existence.  This includes cell phones, BlackBerrys, etc.  Sure they’re nice when you REALLY need to get … Continue reading