The 406 Usual Suspects

406 Northlane Front DoorA continuation / follow up to last week’s Dirty Dozen post

I’ve been going through the long process of cleaning up web servers, merging and migrating old hosting plans, deleting stuff, archiving stuff, etc. What can I say, I’m a web geek. I ran across this particular page today and wanted to share. Way back in one of the first incarnations of this site there was a page called “The Usual Suspects”. It listed all of the fine folks who didn’t necessarily call 406 home but spent quite a bit of time there anyhow. And we couldn’t have been happier to have them. Here’s that original page complete with images that are once again far too small. Enjoy.

The Usual Suspects

Ahh, the Usual Suspects. This page is dedicated to those who, although they didn’t call 406 home, they spent enough time there to make an impact. [Hell, most of them might as well have been paying rent!]

In no particular order:

Usual Suspects - Corey Usual Suspects - Becca usual-suspects-nicole usual-suspects-danielle usual-suspects-sara-k

usual-suspects-kruk usual-suspects-dawn usual-suspects-gookins usual-suspects-joe usual-suspects-crawley

usual-suspects-terri usual-suspects-cindy usual-suspects-brandy usual-suspects-heather usual-suspects-coby

usual-suspects-kelly usual-suspects-harwell usual-suspects-robin usual-suspects-steve-r usual-suspects-jen-c

usual-suspects-lynn usual-suspects-danny

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