The Re-imagining of ‘V’

V: Coming This FallThese days you can’t turn around without seeing a reboot, remake or retelling of some story from your childhood.  Hollywood has been on this kick for quite some time now so it was only a matter of time before remakes came to network television.  ABC is throwing its hat in the ring with a “re-imagining” of the 80’s classic V.

I’ve heard about this for quite a while now and to be honest with you I can’t believe I’m as behind as I am on following this story (Thanks Jason!)  The series is going to premiere on ABC November 3rd at 8:00 PM.  For those of you un-familiar with the original story (and subsequent sequel), V tells the story of alien visitors who visit Earth under the guise of peace all the while plotting to “harvest” humans for food.

Everything that I’m reading continues to use the term “re-imagining” rather than reboot, remake or sequel.  This certainly isn’t a continuation of the time line from the original series (which is totally a good thing).

The cast looks great including Elizabeth Mitchell (of Lost fame playing a female Mike Donovan), Morena Baccarin (playing the lead Visitor made famous by Jane Badler’s Dianna), Morris Chestnut, Scott Wolf and others.

Check out the official stuff from ABC here:

Note:  Over the last couple of days it’s been reported the V is taking a “creative hiatus” starting Wednesday and will shut down production for a couple of weeks.  This shouldn’t affect things for the premier in November unless there are HUGE issues but this type of announcement is generally not a good thing.  Stay tuned.

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