The Twin Towers In My Website Analytics

Not only do I write for this blog, but I’m a web geek in many ways.  I do a whole slew of digital marking stuff from web design & development, search engine optimization and web analytics.  I realize to some people analytics is pretty boring, but to me its pure gold.  I absolutely love diving into my analytics to see where my traffic is coming from, what posts get the most views and how people navigate through my site.  To this web geek, it’s incredibly fascinating.

So, I was looking at my analytics the other day and noticed something kind of interesting that I thought I’d share.  On September 11th, I wrote a post titled “Should September 11th Be A National Holiday“.  I got quite a reception both here on the blog, but also on Facebook and on Twitter.  It was shared quite a few times, posted to other folks Facebook walls and retweeted on Twitter over the next couple of days.  Check out the chart below… notice anything?

The Twin Towers Show Up In My 9-11 Analytics

The spike in traffic on September 11th and September 12th produced a nice little “Twin Towers” right there in my analytics chart.  Now maybe I’m reading into things, but when I see that graph and see “Sep 11” below the spike it was the first thing I saw.  I said it in that post and I’ll say it again here.  I will never forget.  These little coincidences will ensure that I don’t.

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