September AnnexTweetup Recap

I’m a bit late but we recently had our September AnnexTweetup.  Just like in previous months, we had a tremendous time… and why not?!?!  With burgers, beer, shots and friends galore how COULDN’T we have a blast?  In attendance in September were:

@AnnexBar@CleveNole@SportStoleMyMan@406Northlane@TamarieKeehn, @brad4word, @masongoodman, @lexus1scott@SeanNowlin & @dizzle729.

Here’s a few pics from the September event.  Remember, there’s an AnnexTweetup every month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month!  October Tweetup is 10/10.  As always, if you’ve got pics to add send them my way or post them to Facebook!

And finally, since this is a Tweetup, I’ll leave you with some of the awesome tweets that came out of this event:

  • “I hate Two Men & A Truck”. They Fuck my day up!!!” @SportStoleMyMan #annextweetup
  • Quote if the night. “This is why I work in special ed. So I can deal with it at home.” @CleveNole @SportStoleMyMan
  • “@SportStoleMyMan @TamarieKeehn @CleveNole @brad4word @SeanNowlin ” I may or may not be drinking 2 beers here.
  • Overheard @AnnexBar “If you’re having a swamp ass kind if a day they’ll clean that right up.” @masongoodman @lexus1scott
  • I just totally shotgunned a beer @AnnexBar I’m gonna smell like Miller Lite all night. @brad4word @lexus1scott @TamarieKeehn
  • @brad4word ~ “Whatever you do. When you leave… Don’t high five that dude.” @AnnexBar @tamariekeehn @lexus1scott

The next tweetup will be held on Wednesday, October 10th at 7:00 (ish).  All are welcome.  Be there or be square!  Hope to see everyone there!

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