Time To Join The Fryers Club

Fried TurkeyIt’s that time of year… Thanksgiving is almost here!  It’s a time to give thanks, to see family and friends and to gorge yourself on way too much turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and that dish your aunt always brings that no one likes but they take a bit just to be nice.

We’re lucky enough to have both sides of our family close, and luckier still that everyone gets along 😉  Just as we did last year, everyone is getting together at my folks house and in addition to all the fixins, we’ll be doing 2 turkeys this year! Last year was our first family fried turkey (though I’ve been doing them for years at Homecomings).

AUTHOR NOTE: This post is a couple of years old and we’ve “evolved”. We now do THREE turkeys. One in the oven (24 lbs), one in the fryer (14 lbs) and one in the smoker (12 lbs).

While it wasn’t the smoothest bird-cooking in history (raining outside, too little oil, then too much oil, etc.) I can tell you that the end product was simply mouth watering.  To that end, we’ll be at it again on Thursday with my bro taking the lead and me trying to keep my kids from deep frying one another.

I ran across this video which all potential turkey fryers should check out.  (By the way, if you don’t see the brilliance in Shatner here, there’s something wrong with you! )

As the department stores have been reminding us for about 2 months now, the holiday season is here.  Hell, me and the boys even went outside last night and started doing our exterior Christmas lighting.  With that, I guess there’s only one thing left to say…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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