14 Years and Counting

The Number 14

July 24th.

Other than family birthdays, our anniversary and Thanksgiving – July 24th is the day on the calendar that I’ve got circled on my mental calendar.

14 years ago today on that fateful July 24th, I quit chewing tobacco.

I’ve relayed details of my addiction on these ‘July 24th’ posts in the past so I won’t rehash them again this year. That said, I’m always open to talk about it in great detail so if you’d like to chat I’m always available.

Thanks to my wife for putting up with me through years of being a user but also with me during all the withdrawal and recovery.

Special recognition goes to my family at KillTheCan.org. Without them I’d still be lost in a habit that consumed nearly two decades of my life. Thank you.

I’m not a big ‘numerology’ guy but I ran across this about the number 14 and it really sort of resonated with me especially today…

“Number 14 is all about change and transformation. Because of this, number 14 people are constantly on the move both literally and figuratively. ”

“Number 14 gives you remarkable single-mindedness that can help you carry a project to completion.”

Day 5,115 / 14 Years – Never Again

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