Jericho Vs. Undertaker At WrestleMania 28???

Chris Jericho & The UndertakerWith the (not so) surprise return of Chris Jericho this past Monday on Raw it’s not time to try and figure out who he’s going to go into a program with going into WrestleMania.  Jericho didn’t say a word the other night but conventional wisdom points to a CM Punk feud.

But what if that’s NOT who Jericho’s going after.  What if it’s someone less… alive?  The Undertaker perhaps?

Hear me out.  I don’t typically do predictions seeing as the last couple of predictions (My Bound For Glory Picks and A Heel Turn For Cena) I’ve done haven’t quite come through.

But… think about this.  All of the “lead to return” videos for Jericho were talking about how it was the “beginning of the end”.  What if he’s referring to the end of Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak?

Last year, when they set up the HHH/Taker match at Mania, HHH threw just about the entire roster under the bus by telling Taker that there was no one in the back that could match up with him (which was true).  But throw Jericho into the mix and that’s no longer a true statement.  Jericho and Taker has never been done at Mania.  Jericho is a guy that Taker could trust to protect him in the ring.  Let’s face it, The Undertaker is old.  He’s my all time favorite wrestler but I think he’s well past his prime and if he makes it to Mania this year it’s going to be his last.  His match last year was great, but I really don’t want to see him and HHH go at it for the 3rd time at Mania (even if HHH’s career is on the line which I’m guessing it will be.)

I REALLY don’t want the streak to end.  20-0 would be perfect and it’d be all kinds of awesome to end it with The Best In The World At What He Does.”  This may be all shot to hell next week when Jericho comes out and cuts a promo on CM Punk (or causes him to lose the the title at the Royal Rumble) but I think it’d be a super cool angle for the WWE to explore.

87 days to Mania and the return of the Beeramid!

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  1. I’m really hoping that this comes to pass. With Jericho not saying ANYTHING yet there’s still hope! Thinking that we’ll start to get answers either at the Rumble or shortly thereafter.

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