Finally… A Heel Turn For Cena?

John Cena & Zach RyderI don’t do predictions all that often (at least out loud) but I think I’ve got one that’s worthy of sharing.  For months now, WWE fans (or at least “smart” fans) have been shouting from the rooftops for John Cena to turn heel.

As we all know, he’s headed into WrestleMania 28 to face The Rock and there’s simply no way in hell that Cena’s going to be the babyface in that match.  The WWE has essentially turned John Cena into this generation’s Hulk Hogan.  Dude never loses clean, trains like a bad ass, sells merchandise and has the females and the kids in the audience loving him.  I think most smart fans respect the hell out of John Cena, but are just sick of the character… hence the desire to see him turn heel and do something different.

This week on RAW, we saw Cena once again be the good guy by giving up his WWE title shot so Internet sensation Zack Ryder (@ZackRyder) could get one more chance at a US title match with Dolph Ziggler.  The problem with turning Cena heel has always been he’s never had a face big enough to go up against.  Sure The Rock is the obvious choice, but what if there was another???

I’d venture to say that Zack Ryder is the biggest face in the company today.  Sure he’s never held a title and sure he’s relatively new to fans who only watch Raw, but have you HEARD the pops he’s been getting?  Dude is OVER.  Not to mention the “smart” fans on the Internet and (God forbid thanks to WWE ramming it down our throats)… Twitter.

Can you imagine if John Cena sauntered down to ringside during the Ryder/Ziggler match and just as Zack is about to get his first WWE title he runs in the ring and give him the FU?  (NOTE: I refuse to call Cena’s finishing move the “Attitude Adjustment”… WWE can go PG but I’m not going to.  Fuck that.)  Cena would be an INSTANT heel.

As it stands now, Cena doesn’t have a match booked for the TLC PPV.  Could we see the start of the John Cena heel run at that event?  I think so…

2 thoughts on “Finally… A Heel Turn For Cena?

  1. I never thought of that until today john Cena has always been on every ppv as babyface but now since Cena is not wrestling at tlc and Zack Ryder is getting push and getting more cheers Cena can turn on Zack Ryder like hogan did at gab when he wasnt in the card to wrestle I think he should do it

  2. Thanks Richard – I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks this may be a good idea! Regardless, it’ll be an interesting road to WrestleMania!

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