March 2013 Tweetup – Prepping For St. Patrick’s Day

The March Annex Tweetup was held on Wednesday, March 13th.  Many of the regulars were there and just like with the February installment we had a couple of Annex first timers as well!

In attendance for the March tweetup were:

@AnnexBar@406Northlane@lexus1scott@masongoodman@dizzle729, @Brad4Word@HeyAmie and making their first Annex Tweetup appearance were @RunnerOH_nma and @LindsayCat17.  Not as big of a group as last month, but that certainly didn’t slow us down… we had a BLAST!

  • An all 90’s playlist for @HeyAmie coming up on the jukebox @AnnexBar
  • I always tweeted, posed for pics, played cool tunes on the jukebox, did shots AND chair danced
  • Time for Leprechaun Piss #cheers #shots
  • “Dip killed a planned threesome for me in college” – overheard @AnnexBar #NoShit
  • @lexus1scott and you smell SO good…
  • Dear @GirlFromThe216 you are sorely missed.  @lexus1scott is chair dancing in your honor.
  • “I’m at scrapbooking night.  I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”
  • My life is complete.  @ScrapbookJournl just retweeted me.
  • “To be fair… He told em he wanted to vote for Ricky Bobby”
  • I hold a special place in my liver for @AnnexBar.  Or it may just be cirrhosis…

The next Tweetup will be on Wednesday, April 10th April 17th at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome.

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