August AnnexTweetup Recap

Last night was the August AnnexTweetup and once again we had an absolutely outstanding time!  We had a great group of tweeters come out, many of whom were making their virgin trip to the Annex.  In attendance were :


Here’s a few of the photos from last night’s event.  Remember, we have them every month, 2nd Wednesday of the month!  If you’ve got some to add please send them my way and I’ll get them added!

Think folks stop tweeting when they attend these things?  Think again.  Check out some of the brilliance that came out last night:

  • I tweet while I pee. Don’t judge.
  • WTF. Is @masongoodman spinning the tunes? Call Me Maybe? Really?” @creape @GirlFromThe216 @TamarieKeehn
  • Quote of the night #1 via @CleveNole “A male camel toe is a moose knuckle”.
  • Quote of the night #2 via @PuckingGoalie “I didn’t know Channing Tatum was a dude until like a week ago.”.
  • @PuckingGoalie is on a role – while watching the women sprinters: “Look… They’re presenting.”
  • @406Northlane Oh Shandy you came & you gave without taking
  • Please hook me up with a sippy cup of jäger. @vodkansoda @creape @fishface74 @GirlFromThe216 @TamarieKeehn
  • @TamarieKeehn @creape @vodkansoda @AnnexBar hang on… I’ve got a stoner at the window.
  • It’s like snickernoodle my vagina. Love. @creape @vodkansoda @TamarieKeehn @AnnexBar @lizgroberts
  • #AllTheShandy is gone yo. Sis. @creape
  • Lets see… @AnnexBar #annextweetup
    #AllTheShandy: check
    Best burgers: check
    Hot chicas: check.
    #SHOTS: check

The next tweetup will be held on Wednesday, September 12th at 7:00.  All are welcome.  Hope to see everyone there!

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