‘Sex And The City’ – A Movie That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Made

Sex and the City (2008)10 Years after the show with the same name took HBO by storm, Sex And The City just had to be made… I guess.  I’ll start off by saying that I was a big fan of the show.  The wife and I had finally found something that we could both agree on.  The writing was top notch, the acting was great and it was just edgy enough to keep people talking from week to week until a new episode aired.  Unfortunately the movie missed the mark.

All of your favorites from the show are back:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker as writer Carrie Bradshaw
  • Kim Catrall as the sex crazed Samantha Jones
  • Kristin Davis as the prim and proper Charlotte York
  • Cynthia Nixon as the ever-down Miranda Hobbes

In addition we’ve got some of the great secondary characters back from the series including Chris Noth as Mr. Big, David Eigenberg as Steve Brady and Jennifer Hudson as…. huh?  Jennifer Hudson?  Yeah… THAT Jennifer Hudson.  Not sure why but they’ve inserted this character as a main part of Carrie’s life out of fucking no where.  Not only that, but by the end of the flick she’s gone again.  I spose there is a reason for her to be in the movie but it could have been handled very easily by one of the other characters.  I’m not saying that Hudson played the roll poorly because she didn’t.  I just don’t think she needed to be there.

Carrie’s story is pretty straight forward and it just takes too damn long to develop.  Samantha’s story really missed the mark in my opinion.  She put the “sex” in Sex And The City and in this flick she just wasn’t having all that much.  Charlotte was Charlotte – no real complaints there.  Miranda… bitch.  I never liked her on the show and this movie certainly didn’t do anything to change that.  She complains and bitches from the beginning to the end.  Fuck her.

Part of the beauty of the series was it always left you wanting more.  The 30 minutes time frame was just about perfect.  This movie however was not.  Clocking in at nearly two and a half hours this takes up as much time as nearly 5 episodes.  Too bad it wasn’t as good as 5 episodes.  They could have easily cut out an hour of this flick and it would have been just fine.

From a completely chauvinistic standpoint the series was always great because there was plenty of sex and never any man parts.  Not a whole lotta bush either but tits galore.  This movie “upped the ante” and went the extra mile… dick.  Come on, could have completely done without that.  It was a quick scene but there nonetheless.

I do have to say that the movie wasn’t all bad.  It was good to see those great characters back together once again.  There were some really great one liners that made us laugh.  If you’ve ever read my reviews before you know that I’m a big “movie ending” guy and I have to say that this one definitely delivers.  I just wish it would have delivered about an hour sooner.  It was recently announced that there would be a sequel to this… hopefully they learn from their mistakes.  This is a great franchise that has a lot of legs left if done well.

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