39 And Doing Fine…

Family At Margaritaville

As has become my tradition (at least since my 35th birthday) I wanted to take a few minutes to sit down with my computer and put some thoughts together. If you’re interested at all, you can look back at the last couple of years worth of babbling: Thoughts At 35 Thoughts At 36 Thoughts At 37 38 And Counting (My Blessings) So, I’m another year older and I suppose another year wiser. I’m certainly another … Continue reading

38 And Counting (My Blessings)

Family - Tami

I’m sitting here at Panera on a Saturday morning as is my normal routine, working on stuff for clients, catching up on email, etc. What’s a little abnormal is that it’s my 38th birthday.  And while I’ve got a HUGE list of stuff to get done, I’ve got to take a minute to put some thoughts down here on the blog. I started this “tradition” when I turned 35 and I’ve continued it with Thoughts At … Continue reading

Thoughts At 37

Family On Marco Island

Not sure how it happened, but we’re through July and as I flip the calendar I realize it’s once again August 2nd, and I’ve turned another year older.  Sadly… the immortality pill hasn’t been discovered in this past year :).  I’m absolutely floored by the number of folks that have taken time out of their day to drop me a note on Facebook, Twitter, text, etc. to wish me a happy birthday – thanks you … Continue reading

Thoughts At 36

G's Pre-K Graduation

Another year has passed and as the calendar flips to August 2nd I’m reminded that no matter what I tell myself, I’m not immortal.  Today’s my 36th birthday.  I’m once again blown away at the number of people that have gone out of their way today on Facebook, Twitter and in person to wish me a happy birthday… thank you all!  Last year, I wrote this post reflecting on my 35th birthday and I’ve realized … Continue reading

Thoughts At 35

35th Birthday (3)

Today’s my 35th birthday.  As folks tend to do on these “milestone” birthdays I find myself being a bit introspective today.  I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the well wishes by my family, friends and co-workers.  Fair warning… this is going to get a bit sappy. I’m 35 today… she’s 35 tomorrow.  I’ve often said that I was put on this Earth one day before her cause I knew she was coming.  She keeps me in … Continue reading

We Built A Box


I typically try to keep up with my life here on the blog so it reads in chronological order, but I’ve been so busy lately that I’m a little behind.  That said, stay tuned for a couple of posts about movies I’ve watched recently, baseball and Father’s Day. However… wanted to write about my weekend project.  The Sandbox.  The boys have had a small sandbox for the last couple of years and it’s quite frankly … Continue reading

Why Kids Are Great: The (Temporary) Ego Boost

The Package

I’ve often said how much I enjoy being a dad.  Every day these two yahoos say or do something that makes me laugh and today was no exception. As I was getting out of the shower this morning, C strolled in and said, “Daddy… your penis is so long!” Oh… if their mother would only say the same thing.  Now keep in mind he’s two and a half so he doesn’t really have a whole … Continue reading

Talk About Some Great Lyrics

Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell

I’m not a big country music fan but I was driving a couple of years back on a business trip with nothing else to listen to.  I heard this song and when I got back to the hotel immediately purchased it from iTunes.  I had the iPod on shuffle this evening and ran across it again.  Nearly brought a tear to my eye… damn do I love my boys! Artist/Band: Rodney Atkins Lyrics for Song: … Continue reading