$15 Minimum Wage – The Great Facebook Debate

Super Size My Wage

Every once in a while I’ll post something on Facebook that tends to hit a nerve with people. I’m not an overly political or relgious guy when it comes to social media because those are lose / lose topics in my book. Unless of course we’re talking about hokey religions and ancient weapons, but I digress… Here’s a look back at a few recent  Facebook discussion that I’ve archived here on the blog: Philip Seymour … Continue reading

Death In Box – McDonald’s Dinner Box

McDonalds Dinner Box

I was driving in this morning and a new billboard caught my attention.  It was a McDonald’s billboard talking about their new “Mickey D’s® Dinner Box” for only $9.99.  Seemed like a good price so I figured when I got to work I’d check it out.  Not because I would actually buy it (I’ve documented my issues with fast food here) but just cause I was curious as to what actually goes into this fabulous … Continue reading

Taking a Closer Look At My Former Fast Food Obsession

Fuck McDonalds

I’ve got plenty of vices.  I love beer.  I’m big fan of whiskey and I make every excuse (legit or not) to not work out nearly as often as I should.  That said, I’ve had one vice that’s proven the most difficult to beat: Fast Food. Kicking my fast food habit has been more difficult (in some ways at least) than when I quit dipping.  Thanks to the folks at KillTheCan.org I’ve got that one … Continue reading

Things That Piss Me Off: The Napkin Dispenser

Napkin Dispenser

OK… I’m trying not to eat a bunch of fast food these days but on a rare occasion I’ll actually stop through the drive through and on an ever rarer occasion will I step inside the store.  One question: What the hell is up with the napkin dispensers in these places?  I’m looking for 1 napkin… maybe 2.  Invariably I reach in and one of two things happens. I scrape the hell out of my … Continue reading

Pick Up A Burger And Watch “Super Size Me”

Super Size Me (2004)

If you’re like me you have eaten your fair share of fast food.  Actually… if you’re like me you’ve eaten more than your fair share of fast food.  I think it’s safe to say that we all understand that this stuff isn’t “good” for us but until you watch this documentary by Morgan Spurlock you may not know just how BAD it is for you. To make a long story short, Spurlock wanted to see … Continue reading

A Weekend With The Boys – Part II

The Boys

In my previous post I detailed the events of Friday and Saturday evening with my boys.  By my count Super Dad (yours truly) was behind in the scoring 2 to 4.  I’d been beaten pretty badly but I hit the ground running on Sunday morning ready for a comeback. Twitter/Facebook Update And so it begins… 9:04 AM Jun 14th from TweetDeck And we’re off. Errands… Dad’s best friend. #fb 10:34 AM Jun 14th from TwitterBerry … Continue reading

Drive Through People – Please… Wipe Off My Drink

The Drive Through

I’m a pretty level-headed guy.  I tend to live my life with an “is what it is” or “roll with the punches” approach.  There are not too many things that really piss me off.  This happens to be one of them. You drive through your favorite drive through and get your favorite tasty beverage.  Invariably they hand you your drink and straw and there’s pop all over the outside of the cup!  What… the… fuck!  … Continue reading