The Debate Stage We Should Have

Cleveland is on the national stage tonight.

Our country is being torn apart because we can’t see past our own perceptions.

I understand there is a lot of hostility in our country right now. But the amount of “friends” I see degrade others on social media is alarming. We all reside, work, and live with/among each other. Let’s be civil, kind, compassionate, and reasonable. Let’s bring back “civil discourse”.

I have friends, neighbors, and family who are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, etc. I allow them to be themselves, and its ok if I don’t agree with them. I am ok with not seeing eye to eye on EVERY little thing. That is how family and friends balance one another. So embrace this and love people because they are good, sweet, funny, kind, crazy, adventure seeking, etc and not because they are choosing a candidate based on their issue stance.

The Debate Stage We Have

Choose a candidate (THERE ARE ACTUALLY 4 ON THIS YEAR’S BALLOT) you think will best serve our country.

I’ve been trying VERY hard to find a candidate to vote FOR as opposed to voting AGAINST someone. Sometimes it’s not easy.

NOT looking for this to devolve into a debate. Mudslinging will be deleted.

Click on this link to learn about each of the 4 candidates and where they stand on all issues before casting your vote – be informed –,_2020

Thanks to a good friend from whom I borrowed the original (and then made a few tweaks  )

Now… let’s talk about something we can all agree on. LET’S GO TRIBE!!!

Cleveland Indians

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