TikTok Audio Issues – Why Does This Happen?

So I’ve run across this issue several times on TikTok lately and I’d love to get to the bottom of it. I took a quick video last night of some carne asada that I made. Explained the marinade, through it on the grill and listened to it sizzle.

Carne Asada

I uploaded the video clip to TikTok and noticed that the audio sound quit a bit different than the original. I recorded this on my iPhone, WITHOUT using headphones so it’s not as if the *sizzle* wasn’t picked up.

Here’s the TikTok version of the video:


Quick CARNE ASADA for dinner last night. Love using the flat side of my grill grates for this kind of cook #carneasada #carne #grillgrates #quickcook @grillgrate @Weber Grills

♬ original sound – Chewie

And here’s what it sounds like on YouTube:

So here’s the question… what the hell is going on with TikTok? Am I doing something wrong?

UPDATE – Noise Reduction!

I figured it out… there’s this nifty NOISE REDUCTION option when uploading to TikTok. That was inadvertently on when I uploaded. Turned it off and BINGO. Did the trick.

Noise Reduction

Here’s the new (and improved) video with noise reduction turned off!


Re-upload / NOISE REDUCTION OFF! Listen to that sizzle! #carneasada #sizzle #grillgrates @grillgrate @Weber Grills @mikeclemte #noisereduction

♬ original sound – Chewie

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