2014 / 2015 Snow Removal Scam – Got Snow?

2014 Got Snow Flyer FrontThe snow has returned to Northeast Ohio early this year… and sadly so have the snow plow scams.  If you live in Solon or Twinsburg, Ohio (or the surrounding areas of Aurora, Glenwillow, Bedford, Hudson, Macedonia, etc.) you may very well have run across a scam.  There is a company that is calling itself Got Snow? or Got Snow Services.  They appear to offer snow removal services for residential addresses for a very reasonable price.  Sadly, this is a COMPLETE SCAM that has been running for YEARS now.

Got Snow is at least the 3rd name this company has been known by.  In 2008, I was taken by this scam when he was going by the name of The Snowplow Guys.  You can read the full history here.  In short, this company will take your money and never show up to perform the contracted work.

NOTE: I haven’t personally worked with this company since that winter in 2008.  I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I know this guy is still at it. I wrote a blog post in 2011 titled Empire Snow Removal – Solon, Ohio & Twinsburg, Ohio and another last year titled Got Snow? Snow Removal Scam.  Both years  I received SEVERAL comments and follow up emails that they were taken by the same company.

This year’s flyer was passed along to me by a fellow member of a Twinsburg Facebook group – Thanks Tricia!  It doesn’t surprise me, but he’s not even updated his flyer from last year.

Got Snow? call 440.231.4826

Got Snow Services

GOT SNOW SERVICES specializes in residential snowplowing.  For many other companies plowing is something to do in the “off season”.  For us there’s no business like “snow business”.  We are dedicated to providing the best in residential snowplowing service that exceeds our customers expectations.  So don’t take a chance with your winter weather needs.  contact the pros at GOT SNOW!

GOT SNOW offers the BEST in Snowplow service:

  • Locally Owned
  • Full Season Contracts
  • 24/7 Service
  • Neighborhood References


CALL TODAY 440.231.4826


2014 Got Snow Flyer Front

2014 Got Snow Flyer Back

A local Twinsburg snow removal company (who’s been recommended over and over again) had this to say:

“Yeah, when the price is that low, he’s not showing up. As someone who does plowing, I can assure you that you get what you pay for. Under $200 for a season is not enough to keep that guy running into January.”

I’m putting these posts together to make sure that no one gets taken by the same scammer that I did. PLEASE, read this post and all of the comments.  You’ll see YEARS worth of complaints for multiple company names (The Snowplow Guys, Empire Snow Removal and Natural Science Landscaping) under the company owner (a gentlemen named Randy).

The address of the company is below:

7655 Richmond Road
Solon, Ohio 44139

I’ve also seen it listed as:

Randy Woolfork
7655 Richmond Road
Bedford, Ohio

There have been several phone numbers in use over the years:


PLEASE pass this post along.  Post it to Facebook, share it on Twitter.  I want to make sure that when someone does a Google search for “Got Snow Services”, “Got Snow?”, “The Snowplow Guys” or “Empire Snow Removal” this page comes up.

I ran across this F Rating for Natural Science Landscaping from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Here’s the F Rating for The Snowplow Guys aka Empire Snow Removal.  Here is the D- rating for Got Snow Services.

Have you dealt with Got Snow? Please leave a comment below to share your story. 

3 thoughts on “2014 / 2015 Snow Removal Scam – Got Snow?

  1. http://fiscalofficer.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/complaint-form.aspx

    Use this to complain to the county about him if you’ve been screwed over by this guy. Unfortunately he just doesn’t care about BBB ratings, etc. Total scam artist and I’m shocked he’s still operating years after we got scammed.

    Hoping the IRS audits him eventually. I doubt he’s playing taxes on his scammed money. He also had a criminal record so I hope he gets tossed into prison where trash like him belong.

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