And So It Begins… The 2015 Winking Lizard World Tour

I first completed the Winking Lizard World Tour of Beers in 2012. I completed it again last year.  I honestly had no intention of partaking this year. I figured I’d take 2015 off and give it another shot (no pun intended) in 2016. Alas, I found myself at the Lizard the other night and against my better judgement… this happened.

First Beer Of World Tour 2015

First Beer Of World Tour 2015

And so it begins… Beer #1 was one of my favorites, Ommegang Three Philosophers.  I have to say I DO enjoy the Tour. Not because it forces me to drink beer. I honestly enjoy trying the many varieties of beer that are out there.

2015 Winking Lizard World Tour Card

Ironically, my Tour card is only 1 number off what it was last year. Here’s to a great 2015!

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