Another Year Another Midget

Chewie & The Midgets - Midget Wrestling 2012

Last year, I had the pleasure of being introduced to for the first time in my life an incredible thing… midget wrestling. When the Akron Aeros released their special events calendar one of the first events my friend @LaVieBoheme73 looked for was the return of the midgets.  I was thrilled to find out that the powers that be were nice (smart) enough to bring this even back again this year on August 23rd!

It was a beautiful evening for baseball but let’s be perfectly honest… We were there for the wrestling. When I got there, I made a b-line for the gift shop. If you recall, last year I got shut out of getting my “Got Midgets” t-shirt. This time around I was going to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistake. Luckily I got there in plenty of time and got a bad ass shirt complete with the tag line, “Better short than never.” Brilliant.

The game itself was a low scoring affair where the home town Akron Aeros were taking on the Trenton Thunder.  I honestly don’t remember what the final score was but I know that the Aeros lost.  Oh yeah… another AWESOME thing about midget wrestling night is it’s also Dollar Beer Night!  Nothing like a Milwaukee’s Best to wash down a hot dog while waiting for the midgets to take the stage.

Once again, I had the opportunity to meet the guys before they went to the ring and once again they couldn’t have been nicer. Both Beautiful Bobby and Little Kato were open to chatting and taking this picture (which ironically enough is essentially the exact same picture that I got last year). Apparently this is their pose. I mean really… with the exception of a different hat and the fact that I’m wearing The Road Warriors instead of Macho Man, it’s basically the same.

As I was sitting in the stands waiting for the game to be over and the “main event” to start I was once again amazed by the power of social media. Not only was I introduced to this phenomenom when I got that tweet from  @LaViBoheme73, but earlier in the evening I’d posted a picture of my newly acquired midget shirt on Facebook and one of my buddies sent me a message to see if I wouldn’t mind picking one up for him as an early Christmas present. I’m happy to report that Steve… you’ve got yourself one awesome Chistmas present.

We got lined up around the ring when the 8th inning ended, which in retrospect still wasn’t quite soon enough. Next year I’m going mid or early in the 8th. I was very happy to see that the guys kept to “continuity” and Beautiful Bobby would be defending his title (which he won last year) against this brother Little Kato. Speaking of Kato… During the game he cut a promo that contained one line that had me dying: “Two midgets beating the snot out of each other for your long legged pleasure.” Priceless.

And finally, it was midget time. There’s something seriously wrong with a crowd of people chanting “midgets, Midgets, MIDGETS!!!” at the top of their lungs. In what was another great match (though to be fair, quite similar to last year’s version) Bobby retained his gold belt and walked out as he’d walked in… the champ.

Special thanks to Heather for once again organizing the group!  I’ll leave you with the sites and sounds of the best Akron Aeros promotion of the year… Midget Wrestling.

Don’t believe just how awesome midget wrestling is?  If a picture says 1,000 words then a video says like a billion!  Enjoy!

Simply cannot wait for next year!

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