NFL Week 6: Browns / Steelers With The Shockers

I’m still playing catch up here on the blog after rebuilding my site recently. While I watch every single Browns game, I typically only get to a couple per year. This year was no exception as week 6 against the Steelers was my only in-person Browns game this year. Brad was nice enough to invite me to join him and the rest of his crew. Not only did we enjoy an awesome game, but the pre-game tailgate was AMAZING.

There was a time that I considered myself a Steelers fan first and a Browns fan a close second. If you don’t know, before I moved to Cleveland (kindergarten) I lived in Pittsburgh. That happened to be in thd mid 70’s when the Steelers were winning SuperBowls. I noticed something this season… that allegiance has officially switched. While I will most likely always have some Steeler blood in me I’m 100% a Browns fan these days. I’ve been to Browns / Steelers games before (with Brad no less) and I always was sort of rooting for the Steelers in addition to the Browns. This game there was none of that… I know most of you won’t get it, but this was sort of a turning point for me.

It’s sad to look back at the promising season the Browns had going. There was a point in November when they were in first place in the division and everything was looking great. As I write this in January the season is over, Johnny Manziel appears to be a bust, Kyle Shanahan has left the team and we’re once again talking about drafting a quarterback in this year’s draft. Oh the life of a Browns fan…

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