PS4 vs. Xbox One – Which To Buy?

PS4 vs Xbox OneOK… I’m considering finally getting into the 21st century and buying a current generation system.

Here’s a a little of my gaming background.

I played the hell out of several gaming systems growing up (Atari 2600, NES, Sega Master System, Gesis, PlayStation, Xbox, N64). We played so much online casino games in college it’s not even funny. We ended up winning money playing the best online casinos for Australia players at Easy Mobile Casino more than we lost so at least it was worth it.

My oldest boy is 9 now and I essentially haven’t done any gaming since he was born. The boys have  an original Wii and they play it from time to time.

I’ve not traditionally been an online gamer, though to be fair from my understanding, online gaming is drastically different today than it was nearly a decade ago when I was last a gamer.

The type of games that I was obsessed with when I left gaming were the things like Hitman, Warcraft 2, Diablo 3, that snowboarding game for PS2, etc.

ED Note: looked it up… that game was SSX Tricky

I’ve had my eye on the new Star Wars Battlefront, though I’ve seen some terrible reviews of the single player campaign, the Batman games, the upcoming Friday the 13th game, etc.

So my question is this…

PS4 vs. Xbox One?

Pros? Cons? I’ll be buying this for me, but my boys (9, 7 and eventually the 19 month old) will certainly use it as well – possibly more than me.

The biggest pro I can find is that the XBOX seems to have more cheats for games like GTA. XBOX GTA Cheats are easily accessible online, whereas PS4 seems more difficult.

Let me know your thoughts – thanks in advance.

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