Seems Legit – Please Respond

Please RespondIn my last post A Message To My Concerned Colleagues, I talked about when folks email a distribution list. Today I come in and I get THIS gem which sent to the email address And while I’m no longer a member of that list my immediate response was… “Seems legit.”

Subject: hi
From: ciraoncrydermanayx5509
To: corp_it_contractors

Hi corp_it_contractors

How are you?

My name is Valarie. I am 25 years old. I am from Chongqing. I like your page. How often do you visit the site? I really want to communicate with you. I am good at Thai massage and really like to eat fish. What about you? I guess that we will have many topics to talk about.

Do you have some social networks? I will be waiting for your letter.
Best wishes,

I’ve got to say… Valarie really seems nice. And she really seems to “get me”. After all… she likes my page AND she really wants to communicate with me. Not only that, but she likes fish. WINNER!

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