Around The Campfire

Around The Campfire

We did some camp firing this past weekend and this shot that had been in my drafts for quite some time came to mind. If memory serves me correctly this was the final camp fire at our old house before we moved. We moved out in October 2014 and moved into our new home in December after a couple month stint with the in-laws. Family. Jack on the rocks. Camp fire. S’mores. Fall is right … Continue reading

Trick-Or-Treat Should Only Be On One Night – Halloween

Keep Calm And Trick Or Treat

Back today archiving a Facebook post I made last week on the morning of Halloween.  I saw quite a few people complaining about the fact that trick-or-treat hadn’t been moved due to impending bad weather or due to the fact that a high school football game was scheduled on the same night. I posted this mini rant and I was happy that just about everyone that responded agreed with my stance. Below is the un-edited discussion … Continue reading

A Full Moon Comes To Cleveland

G & C On Top Of The Hay Hut

A few weeks back (before all this rain we’ve been getting due to Hurricane Sandy) we had our annual Indian Summer here in the Cleveland area.  The Wife to her infinite credit always has stuff planned for us to do, and this year was no different.  One afternoon we took in a Fall Fest at a park in Aurora which included a hay ride around the lake, bounce houses for the kids and a view … Continue reading

Art Imitating Life

Walking Through The Woods

I’ve got a couple of images floating around on my hard drive that I just need to share.  If you read my stuff more than once, you’ll know that family comes first.  Sure, I’ll bitch about my kids now and then but they (and the Wife) mean the world to me.  One of the things that always struck me growing up is how many pictures we took but never really looked at.  I’m trying to remedy that … Continue reading

Tonight Is The Night… For V


A while back in a previous post I talked about the upcoming re-imagining of the 80’s cult classic V which was going to be coming to ABC in the fall.  I’m happy to say that tonight is the night that V returns! There has been quite a bit of press about this show (both good and bad) but I have to say that I’m really jazzed to watch it tonight.  From what I’ve seen it’s … Continue reading

Hockey Masks, Razor Blades & Impalements… Oh My


The fall seems to be synonymous with horror movies.  It might be due to a little flick called Halloween.  In any case I’m a HUGE fan of the genre (as evidenced by the fact that Pip and I started a horror movie review website called ScareTissue).  For my money I’d pick a horror/slasher flick any day of the week.  Sure they’re campy, gory and go for the surprise factor but I absolutely LOVE them.  For … Continue reading