The Beeramid – 2011 Edition

As we have for many years, Pip and I got together (once again this year with my brother Marko) to watch WrestleMania 27 and attempt a great feat… The Beeramid.  As always, we had our list of rules to govern the night’s action.  We were ready and willing… but were we able?

Beeramid 2011 - Let The Games Begin
Let The Games Begin

At this point I don’t think the first beer had even been popped.  Truly the faces of the optimistic as we knew (but possibly had forgotten) what lay ahead.  Pip took care of our “uniforms” for the evening once again.  He’s rocking the Strike Force t-shirt and I’m pimping the super cool Legion Of Doom (ironically in the year they got inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame).  Marko’s holding up his end by going with the WrestleMania XX shirt which he and I attended!

Beeramid 2011 - Row #1
Row #1 – A Good Start
Beeramid 2011 - Row #2
Row #2 – Getting A Little Cocky
Beeramid 2011 - Row #3
Row #3 – Trouble Brewing…

I don’t know about you, but after a few beers we started to get a bit rowdy… typical brother stuff for sure 😉

Beeramid 2011 - Row #4
Row #4 – Things Getting Ugly
Beeramid 2011 - Row #5
Row #5 – Hell Breaking Loose
Beeramid 2011 - Row #6
Row #6 – Foreign Objects Are Introduced
Beeramid 2011 - Row #7
Row #7 – To The Victors Go The Hangovers

Once again… we stand victorious over the great structure known only as The Beeramid.  She’s a formidable foe and we’ll attempt it once again next year.  I have to say that having Marko along for the ride made it much easier this year.  Also interesting to point out that I was at work at regular time the next day raring to go!

Beeramid 2011 - I'm The King Of The World
I’m The King Of The World!!!
Beeramid 2011 - The Structure In All Its Glory
The Structure In All Its Glory
Beeramid 2011 - The Aftermath
The Aftermath – Cleanup’s A Bitch
Beeramid 2011 - 406-4-Life

I tried to get a bit artsy with this one here, but in retrospect this one pretty much sums it up.  406 Northlane is more that just a college address.  It’s come to represent a state of mind and a time in my life where I met some of my best friends.  WrestleMania 28 is scheduled for April 1st, 2012 in Miami, Florida.  We won’t be in Miami but I can pretty much guarantee that we’ll give it another go for Beeramid 2012.  Until then!

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