The WrestleMania 27 Drinking Game

WrestleMania 27 LogoWrestleMania XXVII (27 for those not versed in Roman numerals) will take place on April 3rd, 2011.  I’m thrilled to report that Pip and I will once again renew tradition and construct… The Beeramid.  Just as in past years, we create a set of “rules” that will govern that evening’s events.

Without further adieu… it’s on.

  1. 5 drinks for a People’s Elbow
  2. 3 drinks for any unannounced legend that’s in attendance
  3. 5 drinks for any match that spills into the audience
  4. Finish beer for appearance of the The Ultimate Warrior or Macho Man
  5. 10 drinks if a legend wrestles and walks away with a title
  6. 1 drink for a missed match outcome
  7. 1 drink for every time they pimp the new video game WWE All stars
  8. 1 drink for each title change
  9. 3 drinks if they reveal who the RAW general manager is
  10. 4 drinks if the RAW GM turns out to be Vince McMahon
  11. 1 drink for a bloody wrestler (5 if an announcer references a “crimson mask”)
  12. 1 drink every time Randy Orton has Tourette’s
  13. 3 drinks if The Rock interferes and causes a title change
  14. 3 drinks if a finishing move is used – 3 more if opponent kicks out
  15. Slam a beer if someone other than the champ/challenger walks out of the show with the title
  16. 2 drinks (each) for any OTHER Jersey Shore members that make an appearance
  17. 2 drink when Undertaker goes “old school” (4 more if HHH pulls him off the ropes while he’s up there)
  18. 2 drinks for a small package attempt (finish beer if it wins the match)
  19. 4 drinks if the Rock and Stone Cold start going at it
  20. 2 drinks for a submission victory

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