WrestleMania 29 Drinking Game Results

WrestleMania 29 SetFor those following along with the WrestleMania 29 Drinking Game shenanigans, this post is for you.  We’ve been putting together yearly WrestleMania drinking games since WrestleMania 25, but just last year did we start keeping track of the results of said game.

With that, I give you the results of this year’s Beeramid inducing game:

For the purposes of our official picks, we included the Miz / Barrett match from the YouTube pre-show giving us a total of 9 matches on the card.

  • Pip correctly picked 5 / 9
  • Chewie correctly picked 5 / 9
  • Marko was the big winner with 6 / 9 correct

Just for fun this year, we asked Wife if she wanted to pick the card.  Based on essentially zero wrestling knowledge she managed to get 2 / 9 correct.  Ironically she was the only one to correctly pick Team Hell No over Ziggler & Big E.

Interesting note that we all (sans Wife) correctly picked The Shield over Orton / Sheamus / Big Show, HHH over Lesnar, Undertaker over CM Punk and the main event of John Cena over The Rock.

As for the game itself.  Here are the final tallies on how often we drank for each rule.  I’m sure we missed a few here and there, but you get the gist.

Undertaker vs. CM Punk - The Streak
This didn’t happen, but talk about a SUPER cool idea for a t-shirt


  • Small package attempt
  • Finish beer if small package wins the match
  • Submission victory
  • Finish beer if finisher reversal leads to pinfall or submission victory
  • Rock movie trailer
  • Ref bump


  • Footage from a previous WrestleMania


  • Reference of the sponsored / official song


  • Use of a foreign object
  • Opponent kicked out of a finisher

15 Occurrences

  • A finisher is reversed

And once again… the clear winner with:

29 Occurrences

  • A finishing move

Does anyone else find it ironic that on a card with 9 matches there were 29 finishing moves?  I was always under the impression that these moves were supposed to “finish” the match.  This ratio doesn’t bode well for the effectiveness of said moves.  Perhaps these guys should come up with some new finishers?  *shrugs*

Once again, we had an absolute blast and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event.  WrestleMania 30 is scheduled for April 6, 2014 in New Orleans.  There has been some preliminary talk of retiring the Beeramid after WrestleMania 30 cause unfortunately… we’re getting old and we just don’t rebound the way we used to.  That said, for at least for one more year we’re going to gear up to “walk that aisle” and take on the Beeramid.

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