Tuesday Night = V Night

V On ABCI’ve finally had a chance to watch the pilot episode of ABC’s V and I have to say that I’m REALLY happy with the way it turned out!  I won’t bother going into a recap here cause there are literally thousands of podcasts, blogs, etc. out there that will do that for you.  That said, I was so exicted about the show’s return that I figured I needed to do a follow up with a couple of thoughts on the show.

  • First off… it LOOKS great.  I recently re-watched the original and the special effects were TERRIBLE.  This show isn’t movie quality CGI but I’ve got to say it’s some of the best that I’ve seen on TV.
  • The updates to the story are well done – and necessary.  They’ve brought the story into current day scenarios by using references to terrorist cells, universal health care, etc.
  • Political stance – I don’t buy it.  The 406 blog has historically been apolitical and I intend on keeping it that way.  There have been many stories that V is social commentary on President Obama.  Quite frankly I don’t buy it and I’ll leave it at that.
  • I miss Mike Donovan but I’m thrilled with Elizabeth Mitchell as the choice of the lead and think that she’ll do a GREAT job.
  • I LOVE the fact that the V’s have been on Earth for years before the series has started.  A nice update on the original tale.
  • Time line – this is a bad thing.  For those that don’t know V is going to have 4 episodes and then take a break until MARCH due to the Olympic games on ABC.  Not sure if this is yet another tactical error on ABC’s part or not.  I hope that the show gains a large following that will indeed return after such a long hiatus.

All of that being said, after one episode I can say that I’m very happy with where the series is going.  There’s some GREAT potential there.  I just hope that they really knock it out for these next 3 episodes to really get people hooked.  Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night = V Night

  1. Tell me about it. I’m a big Olympics fan but to me that’s just burying a show that has a potential to be a big hit. You’d think that ABC would like to have its audience ready with another killer show for then Lost goes off the air. *shrugs*

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