A Foggy Day In Cleveland – A Quest For Opening Day

Silent Hill Or Cleveland?For the umpteenth year in a row, I’ve decided to go to Opening Day for my beloved Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field.  (Man… it still sounds weird.  It’ll always be Jacob’s Field in my mind).  I decided that I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous “convenience fees” by ordering my tickets online so I made my way downtown to the Progressive Field box office on a VERY foggy day in downtown Cleveland.  It was so foggy that it looked like a scene straight out of Silent Hill. Thanks to tweep @AmandaKrupitzer for the reference.  I really do try not to bitch about the weather in Northeast Ohio cause let’s face it… the weather’s going to suck until about mid May.  For some reason I was particularly intrigued by the fog on this day.

The Former Witness WallAs I kept making my way toward the field, and as I said I just couldn’t believe just how foggy it was so I took a couple more shots as I went.  This one was particularly crazy.  For non-Clevelanders who may be reading, this is the famous wall in downtown where a former Cleveland icon was outstretched in his “Witness” pose.  *cough* Dick *cough*  (Not that I’m bitter).   In all seriousness, if you’re interested my take on the whole LeBron situation from a while back check these out:

Progressive Field In The FogWhen I finally made it to the Indians Team Shop I couldn’t help but stop and snap one more picture.  I sure hope we’ve got better weather (and more visibility) on Opening Day!

I had a bittersweet experience with actually buying my tickets.  It was completely awesome because I did in fact get tickets to Opening Day which regardless of the weather is going to rock.  I was a little bit surprised (and actually kind of proud) that Progressive Field was nearly sold out!  There will be three of us going and my only options for a block of 3 seats were in the $70 club level or section 509 – the nosebleeds.  Note that I chose the nosebleeds. I found out a couple of days later that I’m about the world’s worst big brother as I was supposed to get a 4th ticket for my brother and failed miserably.  FML.  Marko, I promise to make it up to you.  After all, WrestleMania 27 IS that Sunday!

And finally… the whole point of this post.  Opening Day baby!  Go Tribe!!!

Opening Day 2011 Cleveland Indians Tickets

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