Please Provide The Context

I’m looking for someone out there on the Intrawebs to help me out.  406 is typically apolitical blog and I intend on keeping it that way.  I’m actually just looking for some help.  Could someone please give me the context to this picture:

Context Please

Here’s how it was presented to me (via email).  Apparently I’m looking at our Commander in Chief purposefully NOT saluting the American flag during recent Fort Hood memorial services.  I can only assume that I’m not being given the entire story because I simply cannot believe that President Obama would not show his respect.

  • Has this been Photoshopped?
  • Have I been living under a rock and this story is already out there?
  • Is there more to this?

Again… this blog is not political in nature nor will it ever be.  There are plenty of places to find that stuff and 406 is not the place.  Just looking for some help.

3 thoughts on “Please Provide The Context

  1. Kind of funny that the most powerful position in the country is ALWAYS painted in a bad light isn’t it? Regardless of party affiliation this seems to be a constant. That says something about us as a country… just not sure what it says 😉

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