The Best of the 411 From 2010

Top 10 2010These types of lists typically come out at the beginning of the year.  I’m all for giving convention the middle finger so I’m doing it in the day after St. Patrick’s Day.  Got a problem with that?  🙂  Part of why I keep this blog is as some sort of  “outlet” for my creative juices.  Another is that in this day and age this is about the only “cool” way for a guy to keep a diary.  I go back and often and read stuff that I’ve written in the past so these types of lists I get a real kick out of.  This particular list also will give you a pretty good idea of the type of stuff I write about.  Enjoy!

The Top 10 Posts of 2010 (Based On Number of Views)

#10 – WrestleMania VI – The Ultimate Challenge
This is part of my WrestleMania Project where I’m reviewing every show since the beginning.  As you’ll soon learn (if you don’t already know) I’m a wrestling geek.  This particular show was great as the main event pitted Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior against WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan.  Tremendous.

#9 – Robert B. Parker – R.I.P.
My all time favorite author Robert B. Parker (creator of Spenser of Spenser For Hire fame) passed away in January.  This was my, “Thank you and goodbye” post.

#8 – Top Holiday Movies
The top 10 and 5 honorable mentions.  If you’re looking for some good movies to check out next holiday season this would be a good list to start with.

#7 – Finally Something Good From The Birdman
Another wrestling related post.  Koko B. Ware had one of the worst gimmicks in wrestling history (in my opinion).  He was a “jobber” as smart wrestling fans say… a guy that loses to the big talent.  Yet he’s in the WWE Hall Of Fame.  All of my angst aside, I found something to like about him.

#6 – Top 10 Movie Villains (Pt. 1)
One of only 2 posts on the entire blog that I didn’t write.  My good buddy Pip put together a list of his top villains.  Pure gold.  Unfortunately, part 2 has yet to be delivered hint hint

#5 – The WrestleMania 26 Drinking Game
Drinking is fun.  Wrestling is fun.  Mix them together and you’ve got a great time.  This is last year’s version.  If you’re interested in the current year’s list you can check it out here.

#4 – FAIL is a (supposedly) site that allows you to keep track of your money, create and maintain a budget, etc.  This post talks about my (brief) experience with the site.

#3 – Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies
I love top 10 lists.  Here’s a list of movies that I hate to admit that I love.

#2 – Harry Hamlin Made Me Smile (in 2010)
The other post on the site that is not written by me.  Pip has 2 out of the top 10… you’d think that’d be enough of an ego boost to get him to join me once in a while?  This is a report of a video game that Pip played with an interesting cameo.

#1 – Top 80’s Action Movies
Thank GOD I managed to get the top spot on my own blog!  Another top 10 list… this time my favorite 80’s action flicks.  Love it!

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