The Phantom Menace In 3D – I Hope It Fails Miserably

The Phantom Menace In 3D

I’ll warn you in advance… I have a feeling this is going to turn into a bit of a rant.  I have a feeling that I may insult a few folks and for that I apologize, but quite frankly I’m at the end of my rope.  Don’t say I didn’t give you a head’s up. My respect for George Lucas is officially gone.  The man that created what I consider to be the greatest series … Continue reading

Honestly? The Doggie Doo?

Doggie Doo Game

I ran across this little gem the other day and it compelled me to write.  Regardless of my social media banterings, I tend to be a little bit slow on the uptake on these sorts of “phenomenons”. I’d never heard of a Leap Pad until the wife told me I had to be at Target five mornings a week before 8:00 AM to get one. I’d never heard of The Elf On The Shelf until … Continue reading

Best Buy Cyber Monday Fail

Best Buy Logo

Monday was Cyber Monday and while I simply out and out refuse to do any shopping with the hordes on Black Friday I’m not necessarily opposed to letting my fingers do the shopping from the comfort of my couch. I’m in need of a new laptop so the Wife was kind enough to find a couple of online deals.  I’m not a gamer anymore so I’m essentially looking for a light, quick PC to do … Continue reading

Empire Snow Removal – Solon, Ohio & Twinsburg, Ohio

Empire Snow Removal

If you live in Solon or Twinsburg, Ohio (or the surrounding areas of Aurora, Glenwillow, Bedford, Hudson, etc.) you may very well have run across a scam.  There is a company that is currently calling itself Empire Snow Removal.  They offer snow removal services for residential addresses for a very reasonable price.  Unfortunately this is a COMPLETE SCAM. This “company” has been running this scam for several years under at least 2 company names.  Back … Continue reading

The Overuse Of LOL

Laugh Out Loud

I apologize in advance to those that this will offend.  The language contained within will not be nice nor will it be “suitable for work” or for a child’s ears (not that you’re reading this blog to your child – boy would that be cool).  With that being said… STFU. We live in world today where the vast majority of our interaction is digital.  140 character tweets, text message, status updates, etc.  It only stands … Continue reading

I Hate People

Middle Finger

OK… so the title of this post isn’t quite true.  A more accurate title would be “I Hate People Who Can’t Or Won’t Drive The Correct Way When It Snows” but that seemed a bit on the longish side. I live in northeast Ohio.  I also happen to live in a particular spot of northeast Ohio called the “snow belt”.  If you’re not familiar with the term please allow me to explain.  Based on our … Continue reading

Things That Piss Me Off: The Napkin Dispenser

Napkin Dispenser

OK… I’m trying not to eat a bunch of fast food these days but on a rare occasion I’ll actually stop through the drive through and on an ever rarer occasion will I step inside the store.  One question: What the hell is up with the napkin dispensers in these places?  I’m looking for 1 napkin… maybe 2.  Invariably I reach in and one of two things happens. I scrape the hell out of my … Continue reading

Come On Folks… Make Some Coffee

Coffee Cup

Folks… when you work in an office environment and you drink coffee, have some decency and make a pot if you take last cup.  It won’t kill you.  This simple act of brewing a pot of coffee will certainly NOT kill you, and will make other coworkers (who are looking for coffee) want to kill you less. Well, that’s in case there’s no fancy Coffee Dorks machine there. Oh, and don’t think that just cause … Continue reading